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Services and Rates

Swedish: Rhythmic strokes to relax muscles and mind.

60 min.  $50.00            90 min. $70.00

Deep Tissue/NeuroMuscular Therapy: Slow strokes that gradually go deeper into the muscle tissue to release knots. Trigger point work focuses on knots that elicit a referral (a sensation somewhere other than were I am pressing). This work is performed only to the client's level of comfort.

60 min.  $70.00            90 min. $95.00             120 min. $120.00


Combination: A mixture of Swedish and deep tissue techniques are used to create a relaxing session. 

60 min.  $60.00           90 min.  $85.00            120 min.  $105.00


TMJ: Neuromuscular Therapy techniques used to work out trigger points that cause headaches and pain in the jaw. Work is performed on the muscles of the face and neck as well as intra-orally.

Session is usually between 45 min. to 60 min.       $65.00


Pregnancy: A spicial cushion is used that supports the rib cage and hips, creating a cradle for the belly. This allows the woman to lay face down without fear of harming the baby. If she is not comfortable with the body cushion she may lay on her side; bolsters and pillows will be provided for support and comfort.

Session is between 60 min. to 90 min.     $85.00


Chair Massage: A massage chair is specially designed to allow you to sit and lean forward against a cushion, your face is in a cradle like a traditional massage table. This work is best for neck, shoulders and back. You don't even have to take off your shoes. This is a great way to show your employees that you value them.

Sessions are between 20-25 min. In the office $1.00 per minute. I am available to come to your office, the price is $1.25 per min. (minimum of 5 people)

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